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Letters from the Good War: A Young Man's Discovery of the World
Hugh Aaron
"Letters were crucial during World War II," writes author Hugh Aaron, a veteran whose service in the 113th Naval Construction Battalion spun more that 1,000 letters in World War II... (More information)

If I Live to Come Home: The Civil War Letters of Sergeant John
March Cate

Jean M. Cate, editor
Jean Cate, the wife of Sergeant Cate's grandson, complies a unique collection of Civil War era letters that recount one soldier's three years of service, including historical and factual notes. A fascinating and useful historical tool, even for lay-readers.

We Will Not Be Strangers: Korean War Letters Between a M.A.S.H.
Surgeon and His Wife

Dorothy G. Horwitz, editor
coverIn the first war Americans didn't care to understand, young M*A*S*H surgeon Mel Horwitz finds himself in a dusty hospital tent on the Korean front. He and his new wife--back in Manhattan--exchange letters in which they express the timeless urgency of young love and a mutual
contempt for war.


 Since You Went Away : World War II Letters from American Women
on the Home Front
David C. Smith and Judy Barrett Litoff
A fascinating portrait of America during World War II, based on women's letters from the home front. Since You Went Away is drawn from the authors' collection of more than 25,000 letters by American women of all backgrounds and ages from all over the U.S. Includes a pictorial essay of war-time cartoons, posters, and other images.

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