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September 2002

Books added to US Navy Cookbooks and Food Service Manuals: 1904 General Mess Manual and 1926 Cooking and Baking Courses with Recipes [books]

February 2001

Boxed Kitchen: Self-Heated Meals Fuel Troops in Remote Areas Without Cooks [rations]
Reengineering Navy Food Service: Moving from Innovation to Implementation
[today's food service]
USS Bonhomme Richard Hosts Chef and Holds Food Expo [today's food service]
2001 Capt. Edward F. Ney Memorial Awards
[today's food service]
2001 Major Gen. W. P. T. Hill Memorial Awards
[today's food service]

October 2000

Converting an M1937 Fire Unit to Propane [equipment]
Elmendroff AFB Air Show: Photographs of David Castle's Restored Army Kitchen Truck
More vegetables: Variety of Meatless Entrees Expanded in Combat Ration Menu [today's food service] and [rations]

August 2000

Five Star Accredited Galleys [today's food service]
Mess Management Specialists Learn Culinary Arts from Renowned Chef
[today's food service]
Navy Cook Spices Up Duty [today's food service]
Nestles Chefs Cook Up Recipe for Success on USS Tarawa [today's food service]
U.S. Atlantic Fleet Afloat Galley Winners [today's food service]
U.S. Pacific Fleet Afloat Galley Winners [today's food service]

July 2000

Brilliant Burner: Safety, Efficiency of MBU Reduce Burden on Army Cooks [today's food service] and [equipment]
More Cooked Meals: Containerized Kitchen Exceeds Army’s Standard for Field Feeding
 [today's food service] and [equipment]
USS Estocin Mess Management Specialists Prepare to be South American Ambassadors [today's food service]
USS Harry S. Truman's 2nd Annual Food Show Extravaganza [today's food service]

June 2000

Food Preparation and Serving  [cookery]

May 2000

1944 Army Kitchen Truck [equipment]
Beaming Foods: Natick Hopes Irradiation Gains Consumer Acceptance  [today's food service] and [rations}
Field Kitchen Means Hot Chow [today's food service]
Food Safety Diagnostics: Ensuring Safe Food for Soldiers [sanitation]
Hennessy Trophy Awards
 [today's food service]
Serving Food in the Field  [cookery]
Warm Chow a Hot Item During Cold Weather Ops [equipment]

April 2000

Connelly Awards Presented [today's food service]
Five Stars for Food
[today's food service]
Navy Food Service: Improving Quality of Life for Sailors [today's food service]
PACAF Sweeps Three Coveted Air Force Awards [today's food service]
Prestigious Food Service Prize Awarded to Destroyer
[today's food service]
Twin Army Cooks Featured in Fitness Magazine [today's food service]

March 2000

7th Fleet Staff Cook Enjoys Unique Appointed Place of Duty [today's food service]
Coast Guard Excellence in Food Service Awards for 2000 [today's food service]
Cooks: Barbie, The Cook [today's food service]
Cooks: Together [today's food service]
Culinary Competition Completes 25th Year [today's food service]
Duties of Commissary Personnel in Combat
[cooks and bakers]
New Rations Bring Hot Turkey to the Troops [today's food service]
Ney and Hill Award Winners Named [today's food service]
Mobile Bay, Vincennes Exchange Cooks at Sea
[today's food service]

February 2000

2000 Philip A. Connelly Awards [today's food service]
Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized)
David Castle's Restored Army Kitchen Truck
Every Chow Line Leads to Natick [cookery]
Field Messing in Forward Areas [cookery]
Newly-Revised Food Plan Reaches Air Force Missile Alert Facilities [today's food service]
Purchasing a M211 2-1/2-Ton Truck and Getting It Home [equipment]
Serving Meals in the Combat Area [cookery]
The Truck Brought Back Memories When I Saw It

January 2000

Food Processing Industry Advances [today's food service]
Hangar Bay Buffet on USS Wasp [today's food service]
Home Cooking: Marine Corps Kitchen Brings Garrison Amenities to the Field [equipment] and [today's food service]
Meals, Ready-to-Eat, Set the Standard for Military Rations [today's food service] and [rations]
Navy Food Service Initiatives Being Tested Onboard USS Tarawa [today's food service]
Recipes from the USS Buffalo [cookery]
USS Buffalo's Cooks Get Schooled at Bottom of Sea [today's food service]

December 1999

Field Kitchen Up and Running at 'Caserma Barbarisi' [today's food service]
Field Mess Provides Hot Chow to Expeditionary Marines [today's food service]
Military Leaders Sample, Rate New Field Rations [today's food service]
Senior Airman King Helps to Set Up a Field Kitchen at an Operating Base in Southwest Asia [today's food service]
Tent City Dining Facility Fully Operational [today's food service]

November 1999

Brewing Coffee the Navy Way [cookery]
A Letter from a Visiting Chef [today's food service]
Lifeblood of the U.S. Navy: Good Coffee [cookery]
Natick Gets Juice from DUST [rations]
Rapid Deployment Kitchen [equipment]
Rapid Deployment Kitchen: Technology Demonstrator for Thermal Fluid Heat Transfer [equipment]

October 1999

A.E.F. Cooks Complain of Poor Bread [cookery]
A Letter from a Visiting Chef [today's food service]
Army Bread Recipes -- 1916 [cookery]
Army Field Bake Oven No. 1 [equipment]
Baking Bread in the World War I Army [cookery]
Bread Making Methods -- 1916 [cookery]
Field Bakery Production Schedule -- 1916 [cookery]
Firing Field Bake Oven No. 1 [equipment]
Garrison Ration in the A.E.F [rations]
Wheat in the Army Ration [rations]

September 1999

101st Infantry Menu from World War II [cookery]
1916 Bakery Company [cooks and bakers]
3032nd Bakery Company in Toul, France [equipment]
A Cook with the Blackhorse Regiment in Vietnam [cooks and bakers]
Brooks Team had 'True Grits' in Cooking Up Space Menu [today's food service]
Culinary Arts Program Boosts Skills of MIDPAC Sailors [today's food service]
Hospital Corpsmen Wise Up to Cook’s Tricks [sanitation]
Innovative Cooks Avoid Inspection [sanitation]

August 1999

11th ACR Cooks Train for the New Millennium [today's food service]
The 1794 Navy Ration Law [rations]
The 1933 Navy Ration Law [rations]
A 1944 Seabee Thanksgiving [cookery]
Capt. Edward F. Ney Memorial Awards [today's food service]
Chipped Beef, Creamed Beef and Minced Beef Recipes [cookery]
Coast Guard Excellence in Food Service Awards [today's food service]
Combat Ration Logistics [rations]
Cook Under Fire [cooks and bakers]
Every Chow Line Leads to Natick [today's food service]
Field Dishwashing Tips [sanitation]
Four Navy Cooks Prepare a Meal Somewhere in the Pacific [equipment]
Fourth of July Menu for the USS Madawaska [cookery]
Hennessy Trophy Awards [today's food service]
History of the Navy Ration [rations]
How the Cooks Prepared SOS [cookery]
Major Gen. W. P. T. Hill Memorial Awards [today's food service]
Marine Mail: Why Not Use the Old Style Mess Kits? [equipment]
Mess Management Specialists Cook Up Innovative OJT [today's food service]
My Journey To Vietnam [cooks and bakers]
Navy Food Service ... Trying to Make a Hard Job a Little Easier [today's food service]
New Burner Unit to Revolutionize Way Cooks Prepare Meals [equipment]
Phillip A. Connelly Memorial Awards Program [today's food service]
Seabee Field Dishwashing Battery [sanitation]
Seabee Food Service in WW II [cooks and bakers]
SOS: The American Military's Comfort Food [cookery]

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