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Military Engineers

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Breaching Fortress Europe: The Story of U.S. Engineers in Normandy on D-Day
Sid Berger
Berger landed on Utah Beach with the 531st Engineer Shore Regiment of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade. Breaching Fortress Europe had been described as "most readable and definitive account of engineering troops on D-Day that has ever been written." Although it focuses on the Army Engineers, Berger notes that the 2nd NBB, 81st NCB and CBD 1006 landed with the 1st ESB.

Bridge Building in Wartime: Colonel Wesley Brainerd's Memoir of the 50th New York Volunteer Engineers
Wesley Brainerd and Ed Malles

Can Do! The Story of the Seabees
William Bradford Huie
Huie, editor of the American Mercury and author of two books (Mud on the Stars and The Fight for Air Power) before joining the Seabees, presents the Seabee story, often in their own words. He introduced the concept of the "five roads to victory," so often seen in World War II Seabee writings. Appendices include lists of awards and casualties and an introduction to Seabee poetry. Like a skilled sports commentator, Huie provides color commentary to the official Navy account. The introduction is written by Admiral Ben Moreell.

Caterpillar Military Tractors
P. A. Letourneau

Love, War, and the 96th Engineers (Colored): The World War II New Guinea Diaries of Captain Hyman Samuelson
Hyman Samuelson and Gwendolyn Midlo Hall
The telling story of a young engineer's experiences in a segregated unit serving in the jungles of the Southwest Pacific.

Building the Victory: The Order Book of the Volunteer Engineer Brigade, Army of the Potomac
Philip Katcher

U. S. Navy Seabees: Since Pearl Harbor
Jay Kimmel

Diary of a Yankee Engineer: The Civil War Story of John H. Westervelt, Engineer, 1st New York Volunteer Engineer Corps
John H. Westervelt and Anita Palladino, Editor

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