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Books on Seabees

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When Wars Were Won  
Hugh Aaron

coverAfter forty years, Hal Arnold, a professor in English, returns to the Philippines yearning for the unity, spirit and optimism he knew as a 19 year old member of a Seabee battalion in the South Pacific theater during World War II. Trying to recapture that experience, he writes this story, vividly portraying members of the battalion who impacted his life... (More information)

Letters from the Good War : A Young Man's Discovery of the World
Hugh Aaron
"Letters were crucial during World War II," writes author Hugh Aaron, a veteran whose service in the 113th Naval Construction Battalion spun more that 1,000 letters in World War II... (More information)

Can Do! The Story of the Seabees
William Bradford Huie
coverHuie, editor of the American Mercury and author of two books (Mud on the Stars and The Fight for Air Power) before joining the Seabees, presents the Seabee story, often in their own words. He introduced the concept of the "five roads to victory," so often seen in World War II Seabee writings. Appendices include lists of awards and casualties and an introduction to Seabee poetry. Like a skilled sports commentator, Huie provides color commentary to the official Navy account. The introduction is written by Admiral Ben Moreell.

From Omaha to Okinawa: The Story of the Seabees
William Bradford Huie
Huie continues his earlier work, sharing Seabee adventures during the last year of the war. Appendices include a listing of every Seabee battalion and were they served in World War II.

U. S. Navy Seabees: Since Pearl Harbor
Jay Kimmel

 Davisville, RI And The Seabees
Walter K. Schroder and Gloria A. Emma

The Fighting Seabees

coverThe Fighting Seabees VHS
Staring John Wayne and Susan Hayward
Directed by Edward Ludwig


cover The Fighting Seabees DVD
Staring John Wayne and Susan Hayward
Directed by Edward Ludwig


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