Seabees of the Navy, 1942 - 1997: A Bibliography

Silver and Gold Anniversaries

By Steven C. Karoly


8 Hanna, Christy J. and Russell Clayton. Building on 50 Years of Excellence: NCBC Gulfport Golden Anniversary. Gulfport: Dolphin Press, c. 1992. 34p. A pictorial history of the Naval Construction Battalion Center at Gulfport, MS.
Includes activities of the bases as it supported Seabees during World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm. Several pictures of damage caused by Hurricane Camille are included. Building on 50 Years of Excellence may be purchased at the CEC/Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, CA.

9 Henry, Terry, ed. Seabees "Can Do!": A Pictorial History Commemorating the Silver Anniversary of United Stated Naval construction Battalions. Waldsworth, CA: Marceline, 1967. 274p. Smith: 9888.
A pictorial account of Seabee history from 1942 to 1967. It was produced with the cooperation of the Civil Engineer Corps/Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, CA. Introduction by President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Forward by retired Admiral Ben Moreell.

10 Millet, Jeffery R. U. S. Navy Seabees: The First 50 Years, 1942-1992. Dallas: Taylor, 1993. 114p. 50th Seabee anniversary edition was commissioned by the Civil Engineer Corps/Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, CA. Forward by Rear Admiral Jack E. Buffington, "King Bee" in 1992.

11 United States Navy. Naval Facilities Engineering Command. United States Naval Construction Battalions, Can Do! Construimus, Batuimus-We Build, We Fight. Washington: GPO, March 1967. 44p.
Silver anniversary commemoration published by the Navy as a recruiting brochure. It describes the seven Seabee ratings, training and the benefits of joining the reserves. Introduction by President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

12 United States Navy. Naval Facilities Engineering Command. 100th Anniversary, Navy Civil Engineer Corps, 1867-1967: Men Methods-Materials. Washington: GPO, 1967. 40p.
A recruiting booklet which features biographies on all Chiefs of the Bureau of Yards and Docks and the Navy Facilities Engineering Command from 1867 to 1967. It includes a short history of the Civil Engineer Corps and Seabees.


13 Campbell, Esther W. "Seabees in Action." Campbell’s Industrial Supply News, Combined March-April 1967/Spring Issue, 20-7.
This article appeared in an industrial newsletter published by the Campbell Industrial Supply Company of Seattle, WA. The author features Seabee improvisations such as the pontoon and its any variations. Seabee construction in the Pacific during World War II, Antarctic and Vietnam is noted. Stories of Seabee heroes, including Dr. Henry of the 9th Seabees and Marvin Shields from Seabee Team 1104, are also told.

14 Lazarus, Leon. "Battling Seabees." Saga: The Magazine for Men, 35 (October 1967), 18-21+.

15 "Navy Anniversary-100th for CEC, 25th for the Seabees." Civil Engineering, 37 (March 1967), 35-9.

16 "The Navy's Matchless Seabees at 25: From Guadalcanal to Viet Nam the Skilled Construction Battalions Have Won a Special Place of Honor-"Can Do?' They Did!" Navy: The Magazine of Sea Power, 10 (March 1967), 6-10.

17 "Seabees Mark 50th Anniversary." Naval Affairs, 71 (January 1992).

18 "U. S. Navy's Engineers, Seabees Celebrate Anniversary Year: Constructor Interviews 'The Chief'- Rear Adm. A. C. Husband." Constructor, 49 (February 1967), 37-9.

Other Publications

19 Middleton, William D. "Story of the Seabees: World War II to Vietnam." United States Navy Construction Battalions: Seabees in Action. Washington: GPO, 1967. 6p.
The article, titled "The Seabee Tradition," was originally published as a series of articles in the 11th Seabees' Newsletter, Stinger. (The remaining five pamphlets in this series are found in the Vietnam section.)

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