Seabees of the Navy, 1942 - 1997: A Bibliography

Demobilization, Diplomats and Regular Navy

By Steven C. Karoly


203 "A City Under Snow." All Hands, No. 532 (May 1961), 16-7.
Seabees build a new city at Byrd Station in Antarctica.

204 "Admiral Moreell Promoted." All Hands, No. 353 (July 1946), 53.
Vice Admiral Moreell is promoted to admiral.

205 "Admiral Moreell Retired." Our Navy, 41 (First of November 1946), 35.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

206 "After Camile." All Hands, No. 634 (November 1969), 2-5.
The Seabees are given charge of disaster recovery work following Hurricane Camile. The 128th Seabees were returning to Gulfport from their second tour in Vietnam when Camile struck southern Mississippi. They provided much of the Navy man-power used.

207 "Amphibious Assault Award." All Hands, No. 561 (October 1963), 38.
The 1st Amphibious Seabees receive the Amphibious Assault Award at Coronado, CA.

208 Assaf, Michael V. "Sea Legs: A Seabee Mascot Unravels a Weird Mystery." Our Navy, 41 (First of March 1947), 15.

209 Baker, H. George. "Seabees Today-Their Still Going." All Hands. No. 513 (October 1959), 6-11.
Gives a detailed summary of Seabee work around the world by the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th Seabees.

210 Barrett, Raymond J. "Seabees in the Diplomatic Service." United States Naval Institute Proceedings, No. 766 (December 1966), 151-2.
Seabees support the Department of State doing maintenance work at American Embassies.

211 "Bombed Out, But Back in Action." All Hands. No. 566 (March 1964), 11.
A 10th Seabee detachment from Port Hueneme, CA practices filling in bomb holes at an abandoned airfield near Holtville, CA.

212 "Built by Seabees." All Hands, No. 555 (April 1963), 39-40.
Updates the activities of the Pacific Seabees, including the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th Seabees. They are homeported at Port Hueneme, CA. The 1st Amphibious Seabees are stationed in Coronado, CA.

213 Burlage, John D. "Seabees Favorite Harbor: Hueneme." All Hands, No. 542 (June 1962), 16-7.
Port Hueneme, the west coast Seabee homeport, is featured.

214 "Camp Peary Sold to Highest Bidder." Our Navy, 41 (Mid-May 1947), 35.

215 "'Can-Do' Spirit in Cuba." All Hands, No. 556 (May 1963), 59-60.
All Atlantic battalions are rotating through the Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They provide construction support to the base and help the Marines with its defense.

216 "CB Gunfighters." All Hands, No. 534 (July 1961), 16.
The 9th Seabees sharpen their combat skills at Camp Pendleton, CA.

217 Crum, Dick. "Seabees in Scotland." All Hands, No. 537 (October 1961), 13.
A drill team from the 4th Seabees in Spain performs for the annual Cowal Highland Gathering in Scotland.

218 Dempewolff, R. F. "Seabees Build a Town." Popular Mechanics, 105 (April 1956), 89-94+, (May 1956), 98-102+ and 106 (July 1956), 6.

219 "Detachment Romeo at Rota." All Hands. No. 513 (October 1959), 4.
The Advance Party of the 6th Seabees constructs facilities at the Rota, Spain Naval Base.

220 Doby, Fred W. "'Can Do' Battalions Do It Again." All Hands, No. 542 (March 1962), 2-4.
The 5th Seabees hone their amphibious skills during exercises on San Clemente Island, CA.

221 ________. "Navy Seabees Have Plenty of 'Snow-How'." All Hands, No. 518 (March 1960), 31.
The 10th Seabees use special techniques to pack snow at the 1960 Squaw Valley, CA Olympic site.

222 ________. "Seabees Busy at Futema." All Hands, No. 527 (December 1960), 39-40.
The 3rd Seabees build an air base at Futema, Okinawa for the Marines.

223 ________. "Seabees on Target." All Hands, No. 542 (March 1962), 6-7.
The 9th Seabees send a detachment to Kohoolawe Island, one of the Hawaiian Chain, to construct targets for shore bombardment from ships.

224 ________. "Space-Age Seabees Build TAGIS 11." All Hands, No. 528 (January 1961), 18-21.
The 10th Seabees build a tracking station in the Pacific for the Mercury space project.

225 Gardner, A. G. "Seabee Mobile Recovery Teams." All Hands, No. 528 (January 1961), 14-6.
Selected Seabees train for nuclear warfare at Port Hueneme, CA.

226 Glass, Andrew J. "Spies Open New Worlds for Seabees." United States Naval Institute Proceedings, No. 750 (August 1965), 148. Rpt. from the New York Herald Tribune, May 24, 1965.
One hundred fifty five Seabees support the Department of State overseas.

227 Gorin, Stuart. "Those Dam CBs Are Everywhere." All Hands, No. 565 (February 1964), 38.
Seabee Team 0902 builds a dam for a small irrigation project in northeastern Thailand.

228 Harrison, James C. "On Joint Training Maneuvers in Taiwan." All Hands, No. 572 (September 1964), 18-9.
The 11th Seabees, deployed to Okinawa, and the 1st Amphibious Seabees participate in a large Naval exercise in Taiwan.

229 "The Greeks Have Won a Word for Them." All Hands, No. 565 (February 1964), 39.
The 6th Seabees build a communications station near Marathon, Greece.

230 Hatcher, Charles M. "Seabee Firefighters." Our Navy, 43 (Mid-November 1948), 12.
Seabees from Port Hueneme help fight forest fires near Ojai, CA.

231 "Here Is the Latest on Your Status in Revised Seabee Ratings." All Hands, No. 504 (January 1959), 42.
Lists seven general ratings and 17 service ratings for the Seabees.

232 "Helping Hands: Costa Rica Thanks Seabees." All Hands, No. 583 (August 1965), 19-20.
President Fransisco J. Orlich of Costa Rica thanks a 33 man Seabee Team who assisted the government combat mud-slides.

233 "Joint Beachhead." All Hands, No. 370 (December 1947), 2-4.
105th Seabees participate in an amphibious landing exercise at Panama City, FL.

234 Joseph, J. "Out of Jungles Come Millions." Nations Business, 39 (October 1951), 76-7.

235 Kasperick, Dan. "In the Wake of Alaska's Earthquake." All Hands. No. 570 (July 1964), 10-4.
A 150-man disaster-recovery detachment from the Port Hueneme based 9th Seabees plays a vital role in the Navy's response to the Alaskan earthquake of March, 27 1964.

236 Keegan, R. D. and C. D. Sawtelle, eds. "Post of the Month: Quonset Point-Davisville, Rhode Island." U. S. Lady: The Service Family Journal, 11 (November 1966), 11.

237 Larson, Harry H. Seabees Review the Art of W ar." All Hands, No. 549 (October 1962 ), 7-7.
The 6th Seabees spend six weeks honing their military skills at Camp Lejeune, NC.

238 Levi, Marie. "Seabees Use Lots of SOAP." All Hands, No. 566 (March 1964), 8-10.
Seabee battalions go through the process of tailoring their tool and equipment allowance to meet their needs while on deployment and in combat. This process is called Supply Overhaul Availability Program.

239 "List Projects on Which Seabees May Work In Connection with Training Activities." All Hands, No. 365 (July 1947), 55.
The Bulletin Board. Sets Seabee stateside construction policy. Seabees traditionally do all of their work overseas.

240 Lawson, L. D. "Seabees Give Technical Assistance in Chile: Rebuild Wharf Destroyed by Earthquake." Civil Engineering, 35 (February 1965), 47-9.

241 "MCB-4 at Newfy Regatta." All Hands, No. 562 (November 1963), 38.
A boat crew from the 4th Seabees participates in the Pacentia Inter-town Ragatta in Argentia, Newfoundland.

242 Meyers, Tom. "Antarctic Summer." All Hands, No. 631 (August 1969), 7-9.
Included among the many ships and units that support Operation Deep Freeze, Construction Battalion Unit 201 builds the base at McMurdo Station.

243 "Modern Museum Houses Seabee War Relics." All Hands, No. 405 (November 1950), 37.
Introduces the new museum at Port Hueneme, CA.

244 "Moreell Nominated as Full Admiral." Our Navy, 41 (Mid-July 1946), 34.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

245 "Navy Pontoon Cubes Form Sturdy Structure on Manus Island." Civil Engineering, 18 (July 1948), 23.

246 "Navy Stevedore Duties Transferred to BuSanda." Our Navy, 42 (July 1947), 35.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

247 "Navy Units on Okinawa." All Hands, No. 519 (April 1960), 34.
The 3rd Seabees, based at Camp Kubasaki, and the 9th Seabees, headquartered at Camp Kue, are listed among 11 commands stationed on Okinawa.

248 "Nonrated USN Personnel Can Now Advance in CBs." All Hands, No. 349 (April 1946), 67.
The Bulletin Board.

249 Olgesby, J. E. "Little Heroes of the Antarctic." All Hands, No. 471 (May 1956), 8-11.
Lists ships and men who did outstanding work at part of Task Force 43. Dick William and Max Kiel, Operation Deep Freeze Seabees, gave their lives while doing construction work.

250 "Outstanding Seabee Battalion." All Hands, No. 535 (August 1961), 37.
The Society of American Military Engineers awards the Peltier Trophy to the 9th Seabees. The 4th Seabees are runners-up.

251 Perkins, Anson C. "Seabees Build on Okinawa." All Hands, No. 565 (February 1964), 40.
Camp Kinser, home to Okinawa based Seabees, is featured.

252 "Port Hueneme's Schools Turn Out Well Training Seabees-Here's the Curriculum." All Hands, No. 519 (April 1960), 57.
Lists all the enlisted Seabee schools being offered in 1960.

253 "Quiz Aweigh: Seabee Rates." All Hands, No. 546 (July 1962), 49.
The monthly quiz focuses on the duties of the seven Seabee ratings.

254 "Recognize These Men? They're Seabees." All Hands, No. 578 (March 1965), 10-1.
The 3rd Seabees, homeported in Port Hueneme, CA, and the 7th Seabees, from Davisville, RI, train to defend themselves at Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejeune, NC, respectively.

255 "Roll Out the Air Strip." All Hands, No.460 (June 1955), 19.
Seabees build and camp and airstrip for Mobile Fleet Air Service Squadron 121 during a field exercise in Puerto Rico.

256 Sammon, Ted. "Have Bulldozer and Crane, Will Travel." All Hands, No.461 (July 1955), 2-5.
Describes how Seabee units of the '50's are organized and manned. It includes a description of each Seabee rating.

257 "San Lorenzo Village Purchases Famous Seabee-Built Church." All Hands, No. 385 (March 1949), 41.
The Bulletin Board. Seabee built church is from Camp Parks.

258 "Seabees Build Navy Housing Overseas in Guam." Engineering News-Record, 156 (February 23, 1956), 45-6.

259 "Seabee Billets Open to Navy Transferees." All Hands, No. 345 (december 1945), 74.
Naval Reserve Seabees who want to stay in the regular Navy Seabees may now do so.

260 "Seabees and CEC 'Can Do' and Did." All Hands, No.485 (June 1957), 37.
The Bulletin Board. Seabees and CEC officers celebrate their respective anniversaries as the Governor of Hawaii proclaims "Navy and Civil Engineer Corps Day".

261 "Seabees at Alaskan Base Test Artic Equipment." All Hands, No.374 (April 1948), 53.
The Bulletin Board.

262 "Seabees Can Teach, Too." All Hands, No. 587 (December 1965), 30.
Two Seabees from the 4th Seabees teach road building and equipment maintenance in the Central African Republic. They are homeported at Davisville, RI.

263 "Seabees Celebrate Seventh Birthday." Our Navy, 43 (First of February 1949), 27.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

264 "Seabees Do It Again." All Hands, No. 444 (February 1954), 21.
Six Seabee electricians build a telephone exchange at NAF Port Lyautey, French Morocco.

265 "Seabee Runway 'Can Do'." All Hands, No. 440 (October 1953), 37.
Seabees build an airfield on the Antarctic snow pack.

266 "Seabees Have Fifth Birthday." Our Navy, 41 (First of February 1947), 35.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

267 "Seabees Hold Standardization Seminar, Davisville Center, March 31-April 4." Magazine of Standards, 29 (May 1958), 132-3.

268 "Seabees in Action Seen in Two New Films." All Hands, No. 428 (October 1952), 56.
The Bulletin Board. Two films, one featuring the work of the ACB and the other the work of the MCB, are published by the Navy.

269 "Seabee Ingenuity Halts Forest Fire." All Hands, No. 381 (November 1948), 37.
Port Hueneme Seabees assist the Forest Service fight a forest fire near Ojai, CA.

270 "Seabees Put Up Defenses to Restrain Gladys." All Hands, No. 576 (January 1965), 9.
A disaster recovery team from the 7th Seabees, homeported in Davisville, RI, use discarded pontoons to build a temporary seawall at Naval Base, Mayport, FL in anticipation of Hurricane Gladys.

271 "Seabees Salvage Plane." All Hands, No. 400 (June 1950), 34.
A team from the 105th Seabees salvages a Corsair from the waters near Norfolk, VA.

272 "Seabees Tame Snow Cats and Weasels on the Job in Antarctica." All Hands, No. 513 (October 1959), 55.
Seabee mechanics maintain over 40 pieces of equipment for Operation Deep Freeze.

273 "Seabees to Remain as a Potent Postwar Unit." Our Navy, 41 (First of December 1946), 36-37.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

274 Sharp, Erwin A. "Seabee Collage has the Spirit." All Hands. No. 513 (October 1959), 16-19.
A close look at the work of the Navy's only construction school, located at Port Hueneme, CA.

275 "South Pole Gets Atomic Power." All Hands, No. 547 (August 1962), 2-5.
The 1st Seabees install the PM3A nuclear power plant at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

276 "STATS Are Not Static." All Hands, No. 561 (October 1963), 38.
Seabee Technical Assistant Teams are trained to respond to natural disasters and be used to assist developing countries.

277 Wise, L. L. "Seabees After Sixteen Years: A New Breed, But Still Building." Engineering News-Record, 166 (March 2, 1961), 30-4 and (March 9, 1961), 46-8.

278 "Youngest Seabee Is Four-Year-Old 'Utilities Man'." All Hands, No. 442 (December 1953), 37.
The son of a Navy Officer stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba assists a pipe laying crew from the 1st Seabees.

279 "U. S. Naval Base Newport, R. I.: The Story of a Naval Complex." All Hands. No. 570 (July 1964), 54-62
Construction Battalion Center, Davisville, RI is featured in this article. Commands stationed at Davisville include Commander, Construction Battalions, Atlantic Fleet; Construction Training Unit; 1st, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th Seabees; and Commander, Antarctic Support Activities.

280 "What's in a Name: Hueneme." All Hands, No. 511 (August 1959), 45.
Gives a brief history of Navy activity in the Port Hueneme, CA area.

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