Seabees of the Navy, 1942 - 1997: A Bibliography

General History

By Steven C. Karoly


1 Coletta, Paolo E., ed. United States Navy and Marine Corps Bases, Domestic. Westport, CN: Greenwood Press, 1985.
Names several Seabee bases operational since 1942. Histories of the Davisville, RI, Little Creek, VA, Livermore, CA and Port Hueneme, CA bases are told in detail.

2 Coletta, Paolo E., ed. United States Navy and Marine Corps Bases, Overseas. Westport, CN: Greenwood Press, 1985.
Continues his work on the Navy's bases. Many of these bases were built by the Seabees in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

3 Kimmel, Jay. U. S. Navy Seabees Since Pearl Harbor. Portland: Curey/Stevens Publishing Inc. 1995.

4 (Transano, Vincent A., ed.) History of the Seabees. Port Hueneme: Command Historian, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 1994. 65p.
Locally published history from Port Hueneme, CA. It is available from the Civil Engineer Corps/Seabee Museum.

5 United States Navy. Naval Facilities Engineering Command. 150 Years of Doing It Right: The Bureau of Yards and Docks, The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 1842-1992. Washington: GPO, c. 1992. 12p.
A booklet celebrating the 150 anniversary of BuDocks and NavFac. Contains brief period histories, including Seabee history starting with World War II.


6 Allen, Walter H. "The Twelfth Regiment (Public Works) at Great Lakes." United States Naval Institute Proceedings, (March 1921).
The Public Works Department, known as the 12th Regiment (Public Works), at the Great Lakes Naval Base in World War I grows into an organization of over 6,000 sailor-artisans. In addition to building many camps at the base, the regiment supplied skilled construction workers for service in Europe. It also provided construction men for the naval railway batteries put into service late in the war.

7 "Way Back When: Seabees, WWI Style." All Hands, No. 562 (June 1961), 47.
A sidebar that gives the story of the 12th Regiment of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in World War I.

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