Seabees of the Navy, 1942 - 1997: A Bibliography

Korean War: Inchon and K-Fields

By Steven C. Karoly


300 “Can-Do in Action.” All Hands, No.417 (November 1951), 16-9.
Informs the reader of how the Seabees of the Fifties are organized and used in wartime. Highlights Seabee accomplishments in Korea and introduces the Seabee Reserve.

301 “Derring-Do in Korea.” All Hands, No. 410 (April 1951), 10-3.
Chronicles 10 months of Navy action in Korea, including the use of pontoons at Inchon by Amphibious Construction Battalion 1.

302 “Experts at Cargo Handling.” All Hands, No. 411 (May 1951), 10-1.
Describes the work of Cargo Handling Battalions 1 and 2, elements of which are assigned to Korea. The Seabee Specials of World War II are the predecessors of these battalions.

303 Hamilton, A. "We're Back in Business: The Seabees." Popular Mechanics, 95 (May 1951), 110-14+.

304 “Here’s Your Navy.” All Hands, No. 405 (November 1950), 35.
A sidebar feature that describes the “building blocks” of amphibious operations, pontoons.

305 Jelley, Joseph F. "Engineers at War: Seabees Engineer Amphibious Landing at Inchon, Korea." Civil Engineering, 21 (June 1951), 323-5.

306 Joseph, J. "Seabees Repatriate Their World War II Equipment." Diesel Power, 29 (June 1951), 74-6.

307 "Navy Seabees Celebrate Their Tenth Birthday." Engineering News-Record, 147 (December 27, 1951), 18-20.

308 “One Year of Korea.” All Hands, No. 412 (June 1951), 10-3.
Recaps the first year of the Navy’s participation in the Korean War. Describes the importance of ACB 1’s support of the landings at Inchon.

309 “Seabees Enjoy Red Help.” All Hands, No. 427 (September 1952), 36.
A Seabee detachment attached to the First Marine Aircraft Wing is assisted by Communist guerrillas. The guerrillas dismantled a bridge that was already scheduled for demolition by the Navy.

310 "Seabees Lacking Tools Devise Their Own." Engineering News-Record, 148 (March 27, 1952), 57-8.

311 "Sell it to the Seabees: A Host of Metalworking Products are Used." Steel, 129 (October 29, 1951), 46.

312 “Warping Tugs Battle the Surf to Do a Job.” All Hands, No. 420 (February 1952), 39.
Describes the differing types of warping tugs used by ACBs-1 and -2.

313 “Way Back When: The Navy’s Fighting Seabees.” All Hands, No. 432 (February 1953), 46.
A brief, short history of the Seabees.

314 “What’s in a Name: Quonset Huts.” All Hands, No. 433 (March 1953), 51.

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