Seabees of the Navy, 1942 - 1997: A Bibliography

Seabee Reserve

By Steven C. Karoly


281 "Advanced Base Command: Learning Navy ABC's." All Hands. No. 513 (October 1959), 12.
Naval Reserves, including Seabees who build the bases, learn to organize and command advanced bases for the next war.

282 "'Can Do' Reserve Unit Authorized." All Hands, No. 372 (February 1948), 58.
Seabee Reserve will be organizing throughout the country soon. Article also gives a breakdown of where the 5,500 active duty Seabees are stationed.

283 Gatch, Calvin F. "Be Prepared: Reserve Seabees Help Save Boy Scout Camp." All Hands, No. 886 (February 1991), 29-31.
Reserve Seabees from the 1st Brigade renovate Camp Mataquay, a Boy Scout camp in San Diego, CA County. Their work is attributed to saving the camp from destruction by a wild fire.

284 "Good Deed-Good Duty." All Hands. No. 513 (October 1959), 15.
Seabees from Seabee Reserve Divisions 12-3, 12-4 and 12-8 build a Boy Scout camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

285 Hanrmon, Jack. "Construction Men Train for Combat." All Hands, No. 486 (July 1957), 11.
Seabee Reserves train at MCRD, San Diego.

286 "Ingenious 'Aero-sled' Skims Over Snow at 50 mph." All Hands, No. 426 (August 1952), 40.
Reserve Seabees build a powered sled using a Piper Aircraft engine.

287 "Learning Artic Warfare." All Hands, No. 398 (April 1950), 2-5.
Instructors from the Army's 14th Regimental Combat Team teach Seabee reserves how to operate in artic conditions at Camp Hale, CO.

288 Marx, Robert S. "Ambassadors with Hammers and Saws." All Hands, No. 486 (July 1957), 8-10.
Examples of work performed by several Naval Reserve Construction Battalion Divisions.

289 "Navy to Organize Reserve Battalions to Supplement Construction Units." Engineering News-Record, 140 (April 8, 1948), 525.

290 "Navy's Top Reserve Units." All Hands, No. 444 (February 1954), 38.
Seabee Division 9-30, Colorado Springs, CO, is named as one of the best reserve units.

291 "Reserve 'Can-Do.'" All Hands, No. 355 (September 1946), 16-8.
The Bulletin Board. Seabee Reserve units, staffed with World War II Seabee veterans, are being organized throughout the country.

292 "Seabee Family." All Hands, No. 629 (June 1969), 37.
Three members of the Johnson family of Hanahan, SC, are Seabee Reserves in the 14th Seabees.

293 "Seabee Reserve: Veterans Combine Training with Good Works." Look, 18 (August 24, 1954), 15.
East coast Reserve Seabees work at a Boy Scout camp in New Jersey.

294 "Seabee Reserve Force Planned of 75,000 Construction Men." All Hands, No. 385 (March 1949), 38.
The Bulletin Board. A force of non-pay Seabee volunteers is planned, called the standby reserve.

295 "Seabees Reserve Training." Our Navy, 41 (First of September 1946), 35.
Bulletin Board of Naval Interest.

296 "Seabees: They Keep 'Can Do' in Reserve. All Hands, No. 378 (August 1948), 24-6.
Described the organization of the newly formed Seabee Reserve.

297 "Summer Seabees." All Hands, No. 534 (July 1961), 13-5.
The newly organized 12th Seabees undergo training at Davisville, RI.

298 "Training Pays Off Twice with Seabees." All Hands, No. 467 (January 1956 ), 14.
Describes the work of the Seabee Reserve.

299 Wielinski, Lynn. "Reserve Seabees Practice Mobilization Skills." All Hands, No. 875 (February 1990), 44.
The 2nd, 20th and 27th Seabees take part in an nation-wide mobilization exercise.

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