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Military Cooking

Food Preparation and Serving June 2000
Although it is desirable for mess personnel to prepare the supper meal in the rear area, it will sometimes be necessary for them to prepare this meal, at least in part, while the kitchen truck is en route ... (Continued

Serving Food in the Field May 2000
When operating in the field, the messing unit is faced with a different situation from that of a unit in the garrison. When supplies arrive, the mess sergeant can inventory them to see what is on hand, and break ... (Continued)

Field Messing in Forward Areas February 2000
Conditions close to the front lines are unstable, for the work must be performed under the danger of continuous combat conditions. Since positions are likely to change frequently, mess personnel ... (Continued)

Serving Meals in the Combat Area February 2000
When the tactical situation will not permit unit messing at a semi-permanent installation, a site is selected for the company messing in the forward area. This company location should be near the troops ... (Continued)

Lifeblood of the U.S. Navy: Good Coffee November 1999
Sailors can nonchalantly polish their fingernails on their lapels -- if they had lapels -- when the conversation turns to coffee brewing. Sensitive-palate coffee quaffers admit that when it comes to preparing ... (Continued)

Special Feature: Baking Bread in the World War I Army October 1999
In World War I, the U.S. Army didn't have the luxury of buying bread from vendors like Rainbow or Wonder. All bread consumed by the troops had to be baked by post bakeries or the field bakery company ... (Continued)

A.E.F. Cooks Complain of Poor Bread October 1999
The motive behind this memorandum puzzles me since investigators from the Army's Sanitary Corps later found many problems with the way bread was being baked and shipped in the A.E.F. One of the most ... (Continued)

Bread Making Methods -- 1916 October 1999
There are two general methods of making bread: By the sponge and dough process, in which a sponge is first set, by using about one-half of the flour, about four-sevenths of the water, and all the (Continued)

Field Bakery Production Schedule -- 1916 October 1999
In the U.S. Army of World War I, six men could bake enough bread to sustain a regiment of Doughboys. With one Army Field Bake Oven No. 1 at their disposal, this squad of bakers molded ... (Continued)

SOS: The American Military's Comfort Food August 1999
Like most veterans, letters and packages kept me going during the early weeks of my naval career. Care packages, stuffed with candy and cookies, played an important role in keeping me connected ... (Continued)

How the Cooks Prepare SOS August 1999
I recently asked two retired military cooks how they made SOS. Both cooks served in the American military from the middle of the Korean War until the end of the Vietnam War after twenty-plus years of service.... (Continued)

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