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1916 Army Bread Recipes 

In World War I, the U.S. Army didn't have the luxury of buying bread from vendors like Rainbow or Wonder. All of the bread consumed by the troops had to be baked by post bakeries or the field bakery company.

These recipes are offered as I found them in the 1916 edition of the Manual for Army Bakers. They only thing I have done is to list the ingredients in a table for easier reading and to use standard abbreviations for weights and measures. Baking instructions are as they are found on the original recipe.

As you read each recipe, you'll notice that they are not very detailed. That's because the writers assumed the bakers understood all of the intricate details of baking bread. The baker gleaned from the recipe basic instructions like fermentation times and scaling weights.

Here's a selection:

Field Bread

Garrison Bread -- Sponge and Dough Method

Garrison Bread -- Straight Dough Method

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