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Coffee -- Filter or Drip Method

1945 Cook Book of the United States Navy
Page 36

Yield: Approx. 6 gallons
1 cup (approx. 8 ounces)

Water, freshly drawn, cold --- 6-1/4 gal.
Coffee, regular Navy grind 3 lbs. 3-3/4 qt.


  1. Pour water into hot water boiler. Heat to boiling temperature.

  2. Fill jacket of coffee urn with water 3/4 full as indicated on the gauge glass. Maintain temperature of this water at 185o F to 190o F.

  3. Place filter paper evenly and smoothly over perforations in clean, dry filter basket.

  4. Spread coffee evenly over filter paper so that no coffee goes under the paper.

  5. Insert water spreader, or sieve, over coffee in filter basket. Place basket. Place basket in position over empty coffee urn.

  6. Draw off boiling water, 1 gallon at a time. Pour slowly in a curricular motion over coffee in bag. Keep covered between pouring of each gallon of water to keep heat and aroma in the coffee brew.

  7. Remove filter basket after all water had dripped through.

  8. Draw off 1 gallon brewed coffee. Repour into urn to insure uniform strength throughout the brew.

  9. Hold finished coffee at temperature of 185o F to 190o F until served.

  10. Empty coffee grounds from filter basket. Wash and dry all parts thoroughly.


  1. Some filter devises are equipped with a very fine mesh sieve and do not require filter paper. Use same procedure for brewing coffee. Do not omit filter paper in equipment designed for its use.

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