MS1 (now MSCS) Alfred Trejo of NMCB 17, January 1991

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 Becoming a Chef

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Army Cooks and Bakers

1916 Bakery Company September 1999
According to 1916 edition of the Manual for Army Bakers, the bakery company baked bread for the troops in the field and in garrison. Since the bread ration in 1916 consisted of 18 ounces per man ... (Continued)

A Cook with the Blackhorse Regiment in Vietnam September 1999
My interest in food began early with the family bakery.  My grandfather operated Hersey's Bakery until 1946, when he died.  I went to work in the bakery for my uncle Bill when I was 12 ... (Continued)

Cook under fire: The story of Technician Fifth Grade Eric G. Gibson
August 1999
When the 30th Infantry Regiment hit the beach at Anzio, Italy, in January 1944, one of those to go ashore as a Quartermaster-turned-Infantryman, was the First Cook assigned to India Company ... (Continued)

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