MS1 (now MSCS) Alfred Trejo of NMCB 17, January 1991

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 Becoming a Chef

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Navy Cooks and Bakers

Duties of Commissary Personnel in Combat March 2000
Besides the general duties of a cook in the field referred to elsewhere in this course, commissary personnel should be fully informed as to their duties in combat, as follows: To learn the details of first aid ... (Continued)

Seabee Food Service in WW II: The Story of the Can Do! Cooks and Bakers August 1999
"Seabee chow," writes William Bradford Huie in Can Do! The Story of the Seabees, "is famous on every front." As a Seabee officer and war correspondent, Seabee cooks ... (Continued)

My Journey to Vietnam August 1999
From May to December, 1972 as a 19 year-old sailor, I made my first Western Pacific, or WestPac, cruise on the U. S. S. Cocopa (ATF-101). For the first two months of the deployment ... (Continued)

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