In the early part of May, emphasis was placed on the outfitting of personnel and 
equipment. All personnel were equipped with infantry and gas defense gear. Rigorous 
refresher courses were instituted in seamanship, small arms marksmanship, chemical 
warfare and decontamination, first aid, swimming, abandon ship drill, aircraft recognition, 
signaling, fire and damage control, diving, demolition and recognition of and defense 
against booby traps.

	Subsequently, efforts were concentrated on unit training of personnel assigned to 
Rhino Ferries, tugs, causeways, sinking teams, riding teams, towing teams and camp 
duties. By 20 May, all personnel were in condition readiness, and the Rhino twos, 
causeways, tugs, Phoenixes, bridge trains and pierheads were arranged for tows to the 
marshaling areas. These rendezvous were located on the southern coast of England; at 
Dartmouth, Salcombe, Falmouth, Portland, Fowey, Weymouth, Helford, Isle of Wight, 
Portsmouth, Southampton and Selsey Bill.

	On 31 May, at 1800, all construction remaining under the 25th Construction 
Regiment was turned over to the 13th Regiment in accordance with a previously 
determined schedule. The 81st, the 108th, the 111th, a detail of the 146th, a detachment 
of the 28th Naval Construction Battalion and the 1006th Detachment were alerted for 
invasion duty. During the brief period that followed, final inspection of all personnel and 
equipment, and the outfitting of all floating equipment was made by the Officers in Charge 
of the subordinate units. All officers in charge of units were called in by Commanders of 
Task Force U and O for briefing - during which time the final plans were laid. (See 
Appendix A).

	A last minute arrangement was perfected with U. S. Army forces for the spotting 
of ranges on the beaches for the purpose of locating the causeways and Rhino unloading 
areas. The units of the 25th Regiment were ready for the start of the largest amphibious 
landing of the war. (Figure 2).

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