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Report of Activities of the
25th Naval Construction Regiment

Two reports from the Seabee archives at Port Hueneme, Calif. give you a sense of the importance of the Seabee task at Utah and Omaha Beaches:

  • Operations of the 25th NCR on the Far Shore This is a historical report prepared prior to the 25th NCR's decommissioning. It summarizes all all Navy construction (civilian contractor and Seabee) prior to the invasion, activities of the 13th NCR (directed construction in the UK), preparation for the invasion and the invasion activities of the 25th NCR.

Contents Forward and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Landing of Seabees in the UK
Chapter 2 Preparation for landing on the Far Shore
Chapter 3 Alert for combat
Chapter 4 D-Day invasion of Normandy
Chapter 5 Follow up period
Chapter 6 Development of captured ports
Chapter 7 Summary
Appendix A Seabee operation plan for D-Day
Appendix B Projects at the beaches and ports
Appendix C References

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