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Garrison Ration in the A.E.F

Excerpted from General Orders No. 176, issued by the General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces on October 11, 1918

On or after November 1, 1918, the kinds and quantities of the components of the rations and the substitutive equivalent articles which may be issued in place of such components to troops of the A.E.F. shall be as follows:

The Garrison Ration

Component Articles Quant. Substitutive Articles Quant.
Beef, fresh 20 oz. Mutton, fresh
Beef, fresh, boneless
Pork, fresh
Sausages, canned pork
or Vienna
Canned roast beef or
corned beef
Hash, canned corn
Fish, dried
Fish canned
Cheese, not exceeding 10 percent total issue
20 oz.
16 oz.
12 oz.
16 oz.
16 oz.

16 oz.

16 oz.
16 oz.
14 oz.
16 oz
10 oz.
Bread, soft 16 oz. Flour, cornmeal, oatmeal or macaroni in lieu of an equal quantity bread, but not exceeding 15 percent of total issue.  
Baking powder
( To be issued only with flour or cornmeal, 1 oz. to 20 oz.)
.08 oz.

Beans, dry 2 oz. Beans, baked
(Not to exceed 4 issues in 10 days.)
8 oz.
Rice or hominy
(Not to exceed 6 issues in 10 days.)
2 oz.

Potatoes, fresh 20 oz. Onions, fresh, in lieu of an equal quantity of potatoes, but not exceeding 20 percent of total issue. .
    Tomatoes, canned, in lieu of an equal quantity of potatoes, but not exceeding 20 percent of total issue.  
    Canned potatoes 15 oz.
    Other fresh vegetables (not canned) when they can be obtained in the vicinity by purchase or from U.S. Garden Service, or can be transported in a wholesome condition from a distance, in lieu of an equal quantity of potatoes.  
    Dehydrated vegetables; to be issued only in case fresh vegetables are not available. 4 oz.
    Corn, canned
Peas, canned
12 oz.
20 oz.
Jam 3 oz. Prunes, or evaporated apples, or peaches or apricots, or figs, or dates, or raisins, in lieu of an equal quantity of jam.  
    Syrup 0.64 gill
Coffee, R. & G. 1.12 oz. Tea, black or green 0.32 oz.
Sugar 3.2 oz.    
Milk, evap., unsweetened 1 oz.    
Vinegar 0.16 gill Pickles, cucumber, in lieu of an equal quantity of vinegar.  
Salt 0.64 oz.    
Pepper, black 0.02 oz.    
Cinnamon 0.014 oz. Cloves, or ginger, or nutmeg, or sage, thyme or allspice. 0.014 oz.
Butter 0.5 oz. Oleomargarine or lard or lard substitutes 0.5 oz.
Flavoring extract, vanilla 0.014 oz. Flavoring extract, lemon 0.014 oz.
(Issued 1/2 lb. once in 10 days.)
0.8 oz.

Tobacco, smoking
(100 cigarette papers for each 4 ounces smoking tobacco.)
0.4 oz.

Cigarettes (number)
Tobacco, chewing
0.4 oz.

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