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The 1933 Navy Ration Law

Reprinted from the 1971 Commissaryman 3&2 rate training manual

The present Navy ration law is authorized by 10 U.S. Code 6082. The navy ration is a quantity allowance of food. Each person, so entitles, may be served the following quantities of food each day:

  • 8 oz. biscuit, or 12 oz. soft bread or 12 oz. flour

  • 12 oz. preserved meat, or 14 oz. salt or smoked meat, or 20 oz. fresh meat or fresh fish or poultry

  • 12 oz. dried vegetables, or 18 oz. canned vegetables, or 44 oz. fresh vegetables

  • 4 oz. dried fruit, or 10 oz. canned fruit, or 6 oz. preserved fruit, or 16 oz. fresh fruit, or 6 oz. canned fruit or vegetable juices or 1 oz. powdered fruit juices or 6/10 oz. concentrated fruit juices

  • 2 oz. cocoa, or 2 oz. coffee or oz. tea

  • 4 oz. evaporated milk, or 1 oz. powdered milk, or pt. fresh milk

  • 1.6 oz. butter

  • 1.6 oz. cereal, or rice, or starch foods

  • oz. cheese

  • 1.2 eggs

  • 1.6 oz. lard or lard substitutes

  • 2/5 gill oils, or sauces, or vinegar

  • 5 oz. sugar

Baking powder, and soda, flavoring extracts, mustard, pepper, pickles, salt, syrup, spices and yeast as required.

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