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March Designated Navy Nutrition Month

By staff of the Bureau of Naval Personnel

WASHINGTON (NWSA) -- March has been designated as Navy Nutrition Month, an annual event that parallels National Nutrition Month awareness campaigns. This year's theme is "Make nutrition come alive. It's all about You." The objective is to urge consumers to assume personal responsibility for their nutrition and health.

Good nutrition doesn't come in a one-size-fits-all package. Individual needs and preferences are what uniquely define it. Misconceptions about healthful eating include giving up favorite foods, restrictive diets, or that a balanced diet takes too much time. Small changes in diet and activity level can make a big difference in overall health.

A healthy diet also does not mean every food must be low-fat, nor does every food or meal have to meet a 30 percent or less fat goal.

Navywide efforts this month should stress the consumption of fruits and vegetables ("Five a day, the Navy way") and that moderation, variety, and balance are the keys to a healthy diet.

Navy News Service story NNS0908, dated March 4, 1998

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