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7th Fleet Staff Cook Enjoys Unique Appointed Place of Duty
Spends days working at 7th Fleet commander's house

By Navy Journalist Kevin Downey
7th Fleet Public Affairs

YOKOSUKA, JAPAN -- Mess Management Specialist 1st Candie Whitted has been exposed. Since May 3, 1999, she has been hanging out at the Commander of 7th Fleetís quarters after he leaves for work in the morning, and leaving just before he returns in the evening. Apparently, she has been using Vice Adm. Walter F. Doranís stove as well as his other household appliances, including the stereo, washing machine, dryer and refrigerator. According to eyewitnesses, she has been wearing civilian clothes the entire time.

When asked about these "allegations," Whitted, a 7th Fleet Staff cook, said all of theabove was true. She said itís all part of her job as the "public quarters mess management specialist" for the Commander of 7th Fleet. The job description includes preparing meals for the Admiral and official guests, laundering and ironing his uniforms, cleaning around the house, taking trips to the commissary and packing his luggage when he goes away on business.

Whitted is all business at the Admiralís house, but the atmosphere is relaxed, and she listens to music as she works. Sheís permitted to wear civilian clothes - usually black pants and a white collared shirt. Her routine from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., usually means sheís observed regularly by Virginia Doran, the admiralís wife, who described Whitted as "an excellent worker who needs no supervision and always has a friendly demeanor. She's a great cook, too."

"Since she came here in October, she's been superb in all aspects of the job," said Master Chief Joeie Pineda, the senior mess management specialist on 7th Fleet staff. Pineda said it was no surprise to him that her reputation of being a top performer in the flag galley onboard USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) has translated ashore. "I recommended her for the job at the Admiral's house, and I wouldn't have done so if she hadn't performed the way she has been." 

"She's very knowledgeable in her job, and she's always been professional," said a former co-worker, Mess Management Specialist 3rd Randy L. Galloway. "Her work has always been excellent." 

This isnít the first time Whitted has been popping up at senior officials' quarters. She has also worked at the Pentagon and the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jay Johnson's home during her 10 years in the Navy. 

"I catered events at the Pentagon and the CNO's house before, so I've had previous experience with (senior officials)," she said. 

Whitted said her next step is to focus on becoming a limited duty supply officer, and figures her work at the Commander of 7th Fleet has enhanced her career. She added that working as the Admiral's public quarters mess management specialist will look good on the resume she is sending to the limited duty officer selection board. 

A U.S. 7th Fleet new story, dated July 7, 1999.

March 2000

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