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Chipped, Creamed and Minced Beef Recipes

Every military cookbook published since the start of the Nineteenth Century has a recipe for at least one SOS dish, including Chipped Beef, Creamed Beef or Minced Beef.

These recipes are offered as I found them in the cookbooks. They only thing I have done is to list the ingredients in a table for easier reading and to use standard abbreviations for weights and measures. Cooking instructions are as they are found on the original recipe.

Here's a selection:

Chipped Beef

1910 Manual for Army Cooks

1942 The Army Cook (TM 10-405)

1945 Cook Book of the United States Navy (NavSandA P-7)

Creamed Beef

1942 The Army Cook (TM 10-405)

1950 Recipes (Army TM 10-412)

1969 Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS)

Bob Hersey's Recipe from K Troop/11th ACR

Minced Beef

1940 Cook Book of the United States Navy (NavSandA P-7)

1962 Navy-Marine Corps Recipe Service (NavSandA P-7)

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