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Elmendroff AFB Air Show
Photographs of David Castle's Restored Army Kitchen Truck

Photos by Master Sgt. David Castle
Captions by Steve Karoly

Here's a few photographs of David Castle's Army kitchen truck that were taken at the Elmendorf Air Force Base Air Show in July 2000.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view of each photograph.

Master Sgt. David Castle's kitchen truck that's based on a M211 2-1/2-ton, 6X6 truck. The officer's mess is set to the left while the serving ling for the enlisted men is set up to the right. Note the boxes of "C" rations that have been placed under the back of the truck. The kitchen can feed a company of up to 225 soldiers.

The cook is standing over a kitchen police who's peeling potatoes for the next meal. This was sometimes necessary because K.P. were not always the most dependable workers. Their work was tedious and lacking in glamour. And they often worked long hours doing all of the clean up and prep work for the mess.
The cook is using a French knife to chop vegetables for the next meal in the back of the kitchen truck. A lot of preparation for the meal was done in the back of the kitchen truck, although some units would take one or two field ranges and place them on the ground.

The cook is pulling the 15-gallon pot from a M1937 field range so he can stir the contents. He has to be extremely careful so that he doesn't splash hot food all over himself. The kitchen truck is equipped with three field ranges.
The cook is serving a hot meal to an enlisted soldier. The large green containers in the foreground are Mermites, which were used to keep chow hot. The box is a "C" ration that the soldier will use for a later meal.
Another view of the enlisted serving line. The jugs on the beverage table to the right contains hot coffee and juice (or water).
Setting the dinner table for the officer's mess. When combat conditions allowed, company officers messed separately from the enlisted men. The table settings for the officer's mess came in a wood case. It included eight place  settings, serving bowls and platters, salt and pepper shakers, and a coffee pot.

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Photographs copyright 2000 David Castle. Used with permission.

October 2000

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