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New Equipment Developments

More Cooked Meals: Containerized Kitchen Exceeds Army’s Standard for Field Feeding July 2000
Serving hot meals will be easier for Army cooks as they enter a new era of field food service with the Containerized Kitchen. Developed by Product Manager-Soldier Support at the U.S. Army Soldier ... (Continued)

Brilliant Burner: Safety, Efficiency of MBU Reduce Burden on Army Cooks July 2000
Safe and efficient heating for field cooking and kitchen sanitation has started spreading throughout the Army with the Modern Burner Unit (MBU). The MBU is gradually replacing the M-2 Burner ... (Continued)

Warm Chow a Hot Item During Cold Weather Ops May 2000
MARINE CORPS BASE, Quantico, Va. -- When the weather is 35 degrees below zero, the only warmth for military personnel during cold weather operations comes from their own warm ... (Continued)

Home Cooking: Marine Corps Kitchen Brings Garrison Amenities to the Field January 2000
Home cooking takes on new meaning with the Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Kitchen. Developed by the Department of Defense Food and Nutritional Research Program at the U.S. Army (Continued

Rapid Deployment Kitchen November 1999
The Rapid Deployment Kitchen (RDK) is a highly mobile, rapidly deployable, container based kitchen which can be used to prepare a mix of rations at the battalion level. It is a new (Continued)

Rapid Deployment Kitchen: Technology Demonstrator for Thermal Fluid Heat Transfer November 1999
Unlike most field kitchens that use small multipurpose burners in each appliance, the RDK uses a single large burner to heat a thermal fluid that is circulated to the appliances. This concept has proven ... (Continued)

New burner unit to revolutionize way cooks prepare meals August 1999
FORT LEE, Va., (Army News Service, Feb. 12, 1999) -- What Army cooks have been waiting for for years may soon arrive at the doorstep of their Mobile Kitchen Trailers.... (Continued)

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