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New Developments in Rations

Boxed Kitchen: Self-Heated Meals Fuel Troops in Remote Areas Without Cooks February 2001
Pull the tab, wait about 20 minutes and then unpack the box containing separate heated entrée, vegetable, starch and dessert trays complete with plates, cups, utensils and even Tabasco sauce. (Continued)

More Vegetables: Variety of Meatless Entrees Expanded in Combat Ration Menu October 2000
Mothers of the nation’s service members have a reason to rejoice: Not only are their sons and daughters eating their vegetables, they want more! (Continued)

Beaming Foods: Natick Hopes Irradiation Gains Consumer Acceptance May 2000
NATICK, Mass. (Army News Service, May 12, 2000) - Natick researchers are constantly looking at ways to increase the variety of combat rations, make them more healthful and improve their taste ... (Continued)

New Rations Bring Hot Turkey to the Troops March 2000
Getting a hot meal to soldiers, Marines and airmen in the field is going to get a lot easier thanks to new rations being developed by the Army. Called unitized group rations-A, the new rations are entering ... (Continued)

Meals, Ready-to-Eat, Set the Standard for Military Rations January 2000
If you cooked a meal, stored it in a stifling hot warehouse, dropped it out of an airplane, dragged it through the mud, left it out with bugs and vermin, and ate it three years later, nothing would happen-if it ... (Continued)

Natick gets juice from DUST November 1999
The Soldier Systems Center (Natick) has teamed up with academia and industry in a new Dual Use Science & Technology (DUST) project to advance nonthermal ration processing technologies ... (Continued)

Combat Ration Logistics: From Here to Eternity August 1999
As the 21st century approaches, state-of-the-art technologies are providing today's warriors with the highest quality rations in the world. Modern battlefield requirements demand ration support systems ... (Continued)

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