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The amphibious assault ship USS Tarawa (LHA 1) approaches a pier in Mina, Bahrain, for a port call. US Navy photo by JO2 Charles Neff.Navy Food Service

By Cmdr. Frank Lindell, SC, USN

As the Navy’s program manager for Food Service, the Naval Supply Systems Command has, as its goal, optimization of the use of the best commercial business practices available to improve Quality of Life (QOL) and reduce workload. Where once, NAVSUP and the fleet focused primarily on policy and regulations, our focus has dramatically shifted over the past 18 months. Foremost in our efforts now  ... (Continued)

News: Military Press Releases
The cooks and bakers of the armed services are truly the "unsung heroes" of the military. No longer worthy of names as "stewburner," "gutrobber" ... (Continued)
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The subsistence feeding offices of each of the five services features several web sites that tell the public about their operation. Many links give ... (Continued)
The Best: Award Winning Messes
Each year, the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy honor their best messes with the Hennessy, Connelly, GCFSEA, Hill and Ney ... (Continued)
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