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The cooks and bakers of the armed services are truly the "unsung heroes" of the military. No longer worthy of names as "stewburner," "gutrobber" or "hash burner," today's cook works long hours, producing quality meals for the crew.

And their work is never complete. Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard food service personnel are on the job seven days a week. Many galleys and mess halls have the lights on 16 or more hours each day.

Holiday routine for the crew doubles the work load for the cooks. But the cooks don't complain. Thanksgiving and Christmas gives them a chance to show their stuff and produce a spread worthy of 5 stars.

These stories tell of the hard work of military food service personnel.


USS Bonhomme Richard Hosts Chef and Holds Food Expo

Reengineering Navy Food Service: Moving from Innovation to Implementation


Five Star Accredited Galleys

U.S. Pacific Fleet Afloat Galley Winners

U.S. Atlantic Fleet Afloat Galley Winners

Navy Cook Spices Up Duty

Nestles Chefs Cook Up Recipe for Success on USS Tarawa

Mess Management Specialists Learn Culinary Arts from Renowned Chef

USS Harry S. Truman's 2nd Annual Food Show Extravaganza  

USS Estocin Mess Management Specialists Prepare to be South American Ambassadors

Brilliant Burner: Safety, Efficiency of MBU Reduce Burden on Army Cooks

More Cooked Meals: Containerized Kitchen Exceeds Army’s Standard for Field Feeding

Beaming Foods: Natick Hopes Irradiation Gains Consumer Acceptance 

Field Kitchen Means Hot Chow

PACAF Sweeps Three Coveted Air Force Awards

Connelly Awards Presented

Twin Army Cooks Featured in Fitness Magazine

Navy Food Service: Improving Quality of Life for Sailors

Five Stars for Food

Prestigious Food Service Prize Awarded to Destroyer

Coast Guard Excellence in Food Service Awards for 2000

 New Rations Bring Hot Turkey to the Troops

Culinary Competition Completes 25th Year

Cooks: Barbie, The Cook

Cooks: Together  

Ney and Hill Award Winners Named

Mobile Bay, Vincennes Exchange Cooks at Sea

7th Fleet Staff Cook Enjoys Unique Appointed Place of Duty

2000 Philip A. Connelly Awards

Newly-Revised Food Plan Reaches Air Force Missile Alert Facilities

Home Cooking: Marine Corps Kitchen Brings Garrison Amenities to the Field

Meals, Ready-to-Eat, Set the Standard for Military Rations

Food Processing Industry Advances

Hangar Bay Buffet on USS Wasp

Navy Food Service Initiatives Being Tested Onboard USS Tarawa

USS Buffalo's Cooks Get Schooled at Bottom of Sea

Tent City Dining Facility Fully Operational

Military Leaders Sample, Rate New Field Rations

Senior Airman King Helps to Set Up a Field Kitchen at an Operating Base in Southwest Asia

Field Kitchen Up and Running at 'Caserma Barbarisi'

Field Mess Provides Hot Chow to Expeditionary Marines

A Letter from a Visiting Chef

Culinary Arts Program Boosts Skills of MIDPAC Sailors

Brooks Team had 'True Grits' in Cooking Up Space Menu

Mess Management Specialists Cook Up Innovative OJT

11th ACR Cooks Train for the New Millennium

Navy Food Service ...Trying to Make a Hard Job a Little Easier

Coast Guard Excellence in Food Service Awards for 1999

Every Chow Line Leads to Natick

New burner unit to revolutionize way cooks prepare meals

Army's best dining facilities receive recognition

Combat Ration Logistics—From Here to Eternity

Feeding Hurlburt's special operators requires a special brand of food service

The Best Chow in Kuwait

Hurlburt Field, Andersen take 1998 Hennessy trophies

Services personnel set up in the desert

Evening chow brings firerfighters together

Marine Mail: Why not use the old style mess kits?

News from the Philip A. Connelly Award Program

Sigonella Sailors Cook Up Training, Savings

USS Carl Vinson cooks compete in culinary arts competition

Submarine Force food service award winners announced

MSC announces Food Service Excellence winners for 1998

March designated Navy Nutrition Month

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