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 Becoming a Chef

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The Men and Women Who Prepare the American Ration


Field mess of K Troop, 11th ACR in VietnamA Cook with the Blackhorse in Vietnam

By Bob Hersey

My interest in food began early with the family bakery.  My grandfather operated Hersey's Bakery until 1946, when he died.  I went to work in the bakery for my uncle Bill when I was 12 years old and continued working on ... (Continued)

Army: 1916 Bakery Company
According to 1916 edition of the Manual for Army Bakers, the bakery company baked bread for the troops in the field and in garrison. Since ... (Continued)
Navy: Cook's Duties in Combat
Besides the general duties of a cook in the field referred to elsewhere in this course, commissary personnel should be fully informed as to their duties ... (Continued)
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