Seabee MS learning how to maintain the M2 burner unit

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Field Feeding Equipment

Converting an M1937 Fire Unit to Propane October 2000 October 2000
I am not a trained cook or chef, nor have I ever been employed as one. My years in the Army were spent in engineer battalions in Georgia and Kansas. The closest I ever got to an M59 field range ... (Continued)

Elmendroff AFB Air Show: Photographs of David Castle's Restored Army Kitchen Truck October 2000
Here's a few photographs of David Castle's Army kitchen truck that were taken at the Elmendorf Air Force Base Air Show in July 2000. (Continued)

Special Feature: David Castle's Army Kitchen Truck February 2000
In 1990, I joined the Alaska Territorial Calvary (Motorized), a club of men and women who restore and exhibit military vehicles. Col. Jon Goodman, my boss and director of logistics for the ... (Continued)

Army Field Bake Oven No. 1 October 1999
The field oven, No. 1, is a portable, knockdown type, for continuous baking. It will bake approximately 3,500 pounds of issue bread, 2,000 pounds of field bread, per day if operated continuously. Each of the ... (Continued)

Firing Field Bake Oven No. 1 October 1999
With seasoned wood baking temperature can be obtained in from one and one-half hours to two hours after the fire is built, depending upon the dryness of the ground. If time is no object, it will be better to ... (Continued)

3032nd Bakery Company in Toul, France September 1999
U.S. Army Quartermaster bakery companies in the European Theater of Operations used the equipment shown in these photographs from the summer of 1943 to the end of the war. In January 1943 ... (Continued)

Four Navy cooks prepare a meal somewhere in the Pacific August 1999
A picture, as they say, tells a thousand words -- if you know what you're talking about. Click on the picture at the right and view the Navy photograph from World War II. If you know what you're looking for ... (Continued)

Marine Mail: Why not use the old style mess kits? August 1999
WASHINGTON (Mar 20, 1998) -- The following Marine Mail was submitted by Gunnery Sgt. Patrick M. Murphy: Recently, while on Operation Tandum Thrust, I saw the Australians and the Seabees (Continued)

New burner unit to revolutionize way cooks prepare meals August 1999
FORT LEE, Va., (Army News Service, Feb. 12, 1999) -- What Army cooks have been waiting for for years may soon arrive at the doorstep of their Mobile Kitchen Trailers.... (Continued)

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