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Chronology of Movement of the 101st NCB in World War II

July 6, 1943 The 101st Naval Construction Battalion is formed at Naval Construction Training Center Camp Peary, Williamsburg, Va.
July 6, 1943 The battalion boards trains and departs Camp Peary.
July 8, 1943 The battalion arrives at NCTC Camp Endicott, Davisville, R.I.
August 13, 1943 The 101st NCB is placed in commission by Capt. F. N. Rogers, USN, Retired, Commanding Officer of NCTC Camp Endicott.
August 15, 1943 The battalion is transferred to Advanced Base Depot Gulfport, Miss.
August 16, 1943 The battalion boards training and departs Camp Endicott.
August 19, 1943 The battalion arrives at ABD Gulfport.
November 3, 1943 The battalion boards training and departs Gulfport.
November 7, 1943 The battalion arrived at Camp Rousseau, Port Hueneme, Calif.
November 22, 1943 The battalion departed Camp Rousseau and arrived at AATC Point Mugu on the same day.
April 25, 1944 The battalion departed Point Mugu.
May 1, 1944 The battalion arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and was assigned to Area 12 on Moanalus Ridge. The 101st NCB was attached to the 7th Naval Construction Regiment of the 2nd Naval Construction Brigade.
September 19, 1944 The battalion was detached from the 7th NCR of the 2nd NC Brigade and is attached to the 39th NCR in preparation for the invasion of Saipan.
September 21, 1944 The battalion departed Pearl Harbor.
October 3, 1944 The battalion arrived off Saipan. Landing is deplayed due to a storm
October 6, 1944 The 101st NCB landed on Saipan.
April 1945 One company of the battalion operating at Leyte, Philippines.
May 1945 One company of the battalion is still operating at Leyte. The exact dates of its transfer and return to the battalion are unknown.
June 20, 1945 The battalion departed Saipan. It remains attached to the 39th NCR.
June 26, 1945 The 101st NCB arrives at Okinawa and is temporarily attached to the 11th NC Brigade.
July 10, 1945 The battalion is re-attached to the 39th NCR of the 11th NC Brigade.
November 24, 1945 The 101st NCB is decommissioned on Okinawa.
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