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Seabee History

Lobnitz pier headA good place to start is Dr. Vincent A. Transco's History of the Seabees, which is found on the Navy History Center's Web site. Just click your "back" button to return to The History Center has a link to the history of the Seabees for each era.

Here are a few interesting stories:

Seabee Log Stories
Since the Seabee Log is no longer in publication, I've started to post the stories I authored. I'll also post stories written by others as I get their permission.
A Brief History of NMCB 18
NMCB 18 has had a lively history as a Seabee battalion and a Marine engineer battalion.
A tribute to CM3 Marvin G. Shields
Mortally wounded at Dong Xoai, Vietnam on 10 June 1965, Petty Officer Shields paid the ultimate price. Shields and his unit, Seabee Team 1104, were constructing a compound for Detachment A342, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) when they were attacked by a Vietcong regiment.
101st Naval Construction Battalion's History As I Remember It
A history of the 101st NCB by Harry Olsen, a surveyor with the battalion.
A Tribute to Dad: Friedrich Karl Johann Taake
Taake served with the 79th Naval Construction Battalion in World War II.
Navy Seabees on Guadalcanal
Larry DeVries, a retired Naval Reserve Seabee captain, tells the story of the first combat campaign for the Seabees.
The Victory Battalion
Service of the 69th Naval Construction Battalion in the ETO.
Seabee Operations at Normandy
Two reports from the Seabee archives at Port Hueneme, CA give you a sense of the importance of the Seabee task at Utah and Omaha ...
Seabee Food Service in World War II
"Seabee chow," writes William Bradford Huie in Can Do! The Story of the Seabees, "is famous on every front." As a Seabee officer and war correspondent, Seabee cooks impressed Huie. Speaking of Chief ...
The Fighting Seabees of World War II
Formally organized in March 1942, the Naval Construction Battalions (Seabees) arose from the military's growing need for base construction, primarily in the Pacific theater. Rear Admiral Ben Moreell ...
Long Ago and Far Away: The Story of the 63rd Seabees
Within the covers of a faded blue and gold-jacketed book, the spine broken, bound with a strip of silver duct tape, is a narrative of memories. A reflection of history, heroes, honor and the horror of a war ...
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