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30th NCR on Guam

From November 1, 1947 to March 24, 1953, the 30th NCR was located on Guam, where it directed all Seabee units in the Pacific. Units attached to the regiment:

Naval mobile construction battalion

103rd NCB Island Public Works, Guam (Became NMCB 10 on October 1, 1952.)

Construction battalion detachments

CBD 1501 Johnson Island
CBD 1502 NAS Orote, Guam
CBD 1503 Truk & Midway Island
CBD 1504 Peliliu & Is. Public Works, Saipan
CBD 1505 Philippines & Midway Island
CBD 1506 Samoa & NAS Agana, Guam
CBD 1507 Wake Island & NOB Guam
CBD 1508 NOB Subic, Philippines
CBD 1509 Kwajalein
CBD 1510 NAS Tanapag, Saipan
CBD 1511 NAF Naha, Okinawa & Philippines
CBD 1512 NAS Kobler, Saipan
CBD 1513 NAS Sangley, Philippines
CBD 1525 Okinawa
CBD 1802 Okinawa
CBD 1803 Island Public Works, Guam

Several CBDs moved during their existence. Most were formed in 1947. All were decommissioned by January 1953.

This story is found in No. 5 (Winter 1999) of the Seabee Log.

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