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The Lobnitz pier head at Omaha Beach

The Lobnitz pier heads and Whale floating bridges were important components of Mulberry A at Omaha Beach. They were designed to off load LCTs and LSTs. This photograph, taken on June 16, 1944, shows the pier head structure. Note the LST alongside.

The task of assembling the Lobnitz and Whale units was assigned to the 108th Naval Construction Battalion of the 25th Naval Construction Regiment. Instillation began on June 9. At 1400 on June 16, the middle pier head received its first LST, the USS LST 342, for off loading.

During the next 3 days, 15 LCTs and 22 LSTs delivered 1,168 vehicles to the beach until the Great Storm of June 18-22 destroyed the pier head and bridging units. They were not placed back into service after the storm.

A good book to read

Cdr. Alfred Stanforn, USNR. Force Mulberry. New York; William Morrow, 1951. 240 p.
Cdr. Stanford was the Deputy Commander of Mulberry A. Force Mulberry details the conception, construction, instillation and destruction of the American artificial harbor at Omaha Beach.

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