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Ration Law

Garrison Ration in the A.E.F October 1999
On or after November 1, 1918, the kinds and quantities of the components of the rations and the substitutive equivalent articles which may be issued in place of such components to troops of the A.E.F. ... (Continued)

History of the Navy Ration August 1999
The first Navy ration law is found in a act of Congress passed in 1794, which provided for a daily fixed allowance of food items for each day of the week. A typical day’s ration was one pound of hard bread ... (Continued)

The 1933 Navy Ration Law August 1999
The present Navy ration law is authorized by 10 U.S. Code 6082. The navy ration is a quantity allowance of food. Each person, so entitles, may be served the following quantities ... (Continued)

The 1794 Navy Ration Law August 1999
As early as 1794, Congress provided for the daily subsistence of Navymen. Here's the bill of fare, as prescribed by law ... (Continued)

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