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Writer's Guidelines

SeabeeCook Publications invites writers to submit original articles for consideration. Since we are always looking for fresh nonfiction features and departments, careful consideration is given to all queries and articles. The editors encourage developing writers to query the magazine.

The Seabee Log "celebrates Seabee wit and ingenuity through history." It is a 24-page black and white magazine that is issued quarterly. Primary readership consists of Seabee veterans, their families, and military enthusiasts and collectors. The Seabee Log premiered in December 1997.

Writers are encouraged become familiar with the magazine. Sample copies may be purchased by sending $5.00 (check or money order please) to SeabeeCook Publications. Click to review the characteristics of a good submission. The Seabee Log uses The Associated Press Stylebook.

Feature articles
Each issue consists of a 3,000 to 4,000-word feature article and two supporting articles. The feature article is written by one of the editors. Supporting articles, however, are assigned to contributing writers and are from 800 to 1,200 words. Usually one supporting article consists of a personal experience and is authored by a Seabee veteran.

Photographs are desired, but not required. Each issue presents 12 to 15 photographs, many previously unpublished. Many are official Navy photographs acquired from the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Historian's Office in Port Hueneme, Calif. Photographs submitted by writers should be unpublished and consist of unique shots of Seabees in action.

Issue theme
Each issue of the Seabee Log focuses on a single military campaign or major construction effort. Review the index for issues already published. The next five issues will cover:

No. 5 (Winter 1999)--Two Missions in Korea: Inchon and Yo Do Island
No. 6 (Spring 1999)--NMCB 10 at Chu Lai, Vietnam
No. 7 (Summer 1999)--Hurricanes Andrew, Camille and Pamela
No. 8 (Fall 1999)--The Marine-Seabee Engineering Team in the Pacific
No. 9 (Winter 2000)--K-Fields in Korea

The departments present an excellent way for writers to start writing for the Seabee Log. Departments may include photographs. They are:

Headquarters Company--a department that features headquarters company Seabees. It may consist of original material or reprinted period reports. Introductions to reprinted reports are about 100 words. Original articles are from 400 to 800 words.
Field Reports--a reprinted official report from the period in question. Although the editors select the report, a 150-word introduction is included.
Seabee Faces--a one or two page pictorial. As the name implies, all photographs are of people and not of equipment or battle scenes. A 50 to 100-word introduction and captions of less than 50 words are included.
Sailors on the Ground--a department that features sailors who comprise the shore party and form advanced bases. It may consist of original material or reprinted period reports. Introductions to reprinted reports are about 100 words. Original articles range from 400 to 800 words.
Letters from the Good War--a World War II letter from Hugh Aaron's book, Letters from the Good War. The editors select the letter.

Mechanics of submission
Writers are encouraged to submit a query letter detailing the proposed article, information on photographs and a brief resume. Please include your email address and telephone number so the editors can contact you about your proposal. An editor will respond to your query within six weeks. Since articles are tied to a specific issue, queries must reach the editors at least 10 weeks before publication.

Once an article is assigned, writers are encouraged to use electronic submission. Please include the article in the body of an email letter without any HTML formatting. Otherwise, writers may submit articles on a 3.5-inch IBM disk or 100MB ZIP disk. Articles should be formatted in ASCII. Writers who submit manuscripts or diskettes are encouraged to include a SASE. Manuscripts or diskettes will not be returned if a SASE is not included.

Manuscripts (including electronic and typed manuscripts) must include the author's name, telephone number and email address and the number of words in the upper right hand corner. Include a list photographs with captions. Also indicate your references for the article. A short autobiography will help the editor write a brief bio of each author.

Although First North American Serial Rights are preferred, the editors will consider second rights. You must, however, include the name of magazine, the editor's name and contact information, and volume and issue number of the magazine the article was originally published in. If accepted, the original magazine will be credited.

The Seabee Log pays only in copies at this time.