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Military Recipes

Every Chow Line Leads to Natick February 2000
When it comes to meals served to any soldier, sailor, airman or Marine ... all roads, or at least all chow lines, lead to Natick. Natick is the home of the Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS), located at the U.S. ... (Continued)

Recipes from the USS Buffalo January 2000
A Crews Recipe for Success: From the chefs onboard the nuclear powered submarine while deployed to the Western Pacific Ocean ... (Continued)

Brewing Coffee the Navy Way November 1999
Roasted coffee is a delicate and perishable product. Whether ground or in the bean, unless vacuum packed in tin, coffee requires careful handling. It looses both flavor and strength on contact ... (Continued)

Army Bread Recipes -- 1916 October 1999
In the World War I, the U.S. Army didn't have the luxury of buying bread from vendors like Rainbow or Wonder. All of the bread consumed by the troops had to be baked by post bakeries ... (Continued)

Chipped Beef, Creamed Beef and Minced Beef Recipes August 1999
Every military cookbook published since the start of the Nineteenth Century has a recipe for at least one SOS dish, including Chipped Beef ... (Continued)

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