Seabee MS learning how to maintain the M2 burner unit

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From Cast Iron to Stainless Steel: Mess Equipment of the American Military


An old gasoline fired M1937 fire unit that's been converted to propaneFire Unit Conversion

By David Jarvela


I am not a trained cook or chef, nor have I ever been employed as one. My years in the Army were spent in engineer battalions in Georgia and Kansas. The closest I ever got to an M59 field range ... (Continued)

Field Gear: Kitchen Truck Photos
Here's a few photographs of David Castle's Army kitchen truck that were taken at the Elmendorf Air Force Base Air Show in July 2000.. (Continued)
New Developments: Brilliant Burner
Safe and efficient heating for field cooking and kitchen sanitation has started spreading throughout the Army with the Modern Burner Unit ... (Continued)
New Developments: Containerized Kitchen
Serving hot meals will be easier for Army cooks as they enter a new era of field food service with the Containerized Kitchen ... (Continued)
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