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Navy and Marine Corps food service award winners announced
528th Special Operations dining facility competes in Connelly food competition

Navy and Marine Corps food service award winners announced

Branded Dining Facility
Food Pyramid Balances Your Diet
Natural Baking Skills Take Marine To Top of Competition
Navy Cross for Steward Third Class Robert Jones, USNR (RET)
Move Over McDonald’s: Dining Facility Set To Exceed One Ton of Meat
Hurlburt Field Captures a Hennessy Trophy
Cultivating Cooks
For the Chowhounds at Seahound
Nine Hundred Three Squares
Hungry Soldiers Get Good Bread
Ney and Hill Food Service Awards Announced
Messhall Cooks: 7th Marines' Silent Warriors
First Tank Battalion Baker Rises To The Occasion
Fast food for the Army--Mobility Enhancing Rations
Mess Management Specialists Support Missions
Joint Team Cooking Up A Feast At Pacific Haven
Navy Command Puts Healthy Holiday Recipes On Internet
Navy Nutrition Guide Now Available
Rations Company Helps Homeless Vets in Winterhaven 96
Marine Cooks Do More Than "Sling Hash" During Culinary Olympics
Use Caution, Common Sense in Preparing Holiday Poultry
Nutritionists Help Sailors Choose 'Readiness'
Dishing Up New Cuisine On USS Independence Mess Decks
Food for Operation Joint Endeavor
The Tray Ration Heater
Simplified Meal Rate Schedule Established for Dining Facilities
Healthwatch: Cooking Fat-Free in a Fat-Filled World
Recipes from Shipboard Navy Cooks Needed for Cookbook
Navy Dietician Gives Carrier Crew the 'Skinny'
Keeping the Crew Fed
USS Carl Vinson Wins Food Service Award
Hawaii Schools' Food Official Visits USS Independence Galley
Navy and Marine Corps Food Service Awards
AF Cook, Serendipity Perfect the Spud Ball
Cafe La Salle' Opens for Matador 96
Shipboard Meals Are Getting Better
The Unsung HEROES
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